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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Food Gallery @ Tun Jugah (Revamped Version)

Recently, I've been invited for a food tasting session at The Food Gallery @ Tun Jugah. According to the Food Court Manager, Sam, she said that the management was seeking for a new changes as an improvement to keep up with the IT savvy society and also continually drive traffic to The Food Gallery while provide fresh experience to the patrons there. Hence, the new face lift! I must say the experience was nostalgic :x

From the Popular Bookstore, you can easily spot the entrance of The Food Gallery. The wall was decorated with antique vintage looking enamel tin plates with. I think the designer wanted to bring out a retro style :D

The interior design gave me a mixed feeling of contemporary and homey style. The new addition of woods tables and chairs give off the nature-themed furnishing looks vibe. 

There are few racks on showcase and we can found several antique vintage enamel tin mug with lids. Super awesome! 

I like their light bulbs, super retro! I heard there are about 150-200 light bulbs hanging over inside the food gallery.

Below are the few dishes that I managed to capture for the food tasting session :)

The Nasi Lemak Stall has very nice and comfort food.

Finally, a picture of us! From the left is Sam (The Food Court Manager), Jacqueline (my blogger friend), and lastly me at the right. Thanks for this opportunity and thanks for having me!

 Overall, they have 13 stalls and 6 of them are new stalls. Head over  now for your brunch, lunch or dinner :)
1. Chicken Rice
2. Thai Cuisine
3. Korean Cuisine
4. Crispy Chicken
5. Claypot
6. Nasi Lemak
7. Sizzling 
8. Mixed Rice (Chinese style)
9. Yong Tau Fu
10. Beef Noodles
11. Nasi Campur (Malay style)
12. Dessert  
13. TBA

MONDAY - SUNDAY : 10am - 9pm

PHONE : 082- 245 587

WEBSITE : www.tunjugah.com

Lot 3-01 Level 3, Tun Jugah
18, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
93100 Kuching, Sarawak.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cafe Hopping: Kai Joo Cafe

I just discovered a great place for a chill with friends in the afternoon while en route to Plaza Merdeka. It's literally called Kai Joo Cafe because of the location situated at the end of Kai Joo Lane. Let's take a look then!

This is Kai Joo Lane, where the famous local Sio Pau shop situated along this street as well. Walking down this street from this point will lead you inside India Street. 

According to the Kai Joo Cafe's owner, Ms Rhoda Yap, this place was previously known as The Coff's. However, she took over the place as family project and hobbies, they keep the decorations without any major changes (that's why a lot of resemblance). I was quite surprised to find out that originally the building itself was a lawyer firm. :O

Once you step inside, immediately you will be getting warm greetings from the staff. 

The interior view. 

Thanks to Kai Joo Cafe's owner, Ms Rhoda Yap for the nyonya kuih treat!! Taste awesome! :D

Being the first time here, I didn't know what to order, so I ordered a cappucino. :)

Their very own signature mug! The building is Lane Building itself, awesome :)

The front of the mug is the Kai Joo Cafe brand logo. 

I haven't sampled much of their food, but I heard their specialties are homemade Pandan Muffins and Lemongrass Pandan Quencher. 

Just outside of the cafe's side entrance, there's a large open space sort of airy garden out there where you can sit down chat for hours while enjoying your brew. The woodwork production idea is using recycled items to bring out the nature look at the little nook of the town area. 

Overall, Kai Joo Cafe offers good coffee, delicious muffins and cozy environment. It's a really a great place to hang out :) Oh yeah~ they have free Wi-Fi too!

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9.30am - 5pm
SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 9.30am - 5.30pm

PHONE: 082- 259 776

FACEBOOK: www.fb.com/kaijoocafe

ADDRESS: 29 Kai Joo Lane, Kuching.

P/S: They are opening early tomorrow morning 16.08.2015, 8am for a quick morning fix for fellow marathoners. :)


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Introducing you Pui Pui :)

I have a pet cat, and his name is Pui Pui (or Ah Pui). He was called this name eversince he was still a kitten because of his extra large size. He's very obedient and very smart as well. He made all of us laughed alot because of his funny antics. Hence, he is quite popular in our shop. Most of the patrons purposely came to the shop just to take a glance at him. I said he is our 招财猫 (Lucky Cat).


Chinese Post: 破茧成蝶,冲出昨天



我真的很感恩因为我遇到了这个平台,不但让我找回健康找回美丽,连我的人格思想 personality development) 进步很多。


接下来, 我就开始运动,调理饮食习惯和保持好的生活习惯,最重要是摄取一定的保养品,让自己里里外外变得更好。


这些突发状况让我明白到一切都是最好的安排。原来人类很容易妥协自己让自己镇在舒服圈,就会变懒惰而慢慢停止进步。我又学会了跟自己的本性对抗。谢谢这一年来一直关心我的朋友。找到原因后就对症下药。一直喝Lactose El Marino Blanc。感谢我的表姐,她让我重组自己自信心来源。