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Monday, September 28, 2015

New in Town: Nuromen Cafe

First of all, thanks to Phoebe for extending the soft opening invites to me. This Nuromen Cafe was opened by my friend's brothers (The Ting's Brothers). The Grand Opening will be this Thursday, 1st October 2015.

Well, as you can guess, the name itself is a direct translate of Chinese words into English spelling: 牛肉面 (Gubak Mee). It's located at the heart of Kuching city, just opposite Sanga Japanese Restaurant. 

Here are few of the sneak peaks!

Their concept of the cafe is modern and contemporary by using black and white color theme. 

As you can see, on every tables installed an induction stove for their special beef broth soup with condiments of thinly sliced beef for you to stir in the pot of soup. The full menu will be revealed on the day of the Grand Opening. 

  Their food sampling of the night, Beef Ramen. The "Onsen" egg is really authentic and one of the best I've ever tasted! And the beef is definitely not local. LOL~ 

And another dish that I managed to sample is, Beef Rice Bowl. Just like the Taiwanese Braised Meat Rice. It's highly recommended by the owner :) 

 The owner mentioned that there will be decorations on the wall prior to the Grand Opening this Thursday. 

 They are using industrial lights and black color fans to bring out the contrast. The concrete cemented flooring totally bring out the industrial features and it's kind of a brand new experience to eat your "Gubak Mee" in such place. 

 The very cartoon-ish cow logo :D 

It's selfie time! 

Once again, thanks for having me! :)

So, overall its a very relaxed ambiance with ample of seating space, and comfort food served freshly. So far it's a pork free cafe, so it caters to our Muslim friends as well. 


INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/nuromencafe

FACEBOOK: www.fb.com/nuromencafe

ADDRESS: Lot 263, Section 49, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93300 Kuching. 


Sunday, September 20, 2015


I was fascinated by the stream of photos shared in both Instagram and also Facebook in regards of this newly opened cafe located inside CityOne Shopping Mall. I'm impressed because they really standout alot of cafe in the same area in terms of their design.

Therefore, I decided to pay a visit to this Destino De Espresso :)  The name itself sounded super romantic. Hey! I can't help it because it's Spanish and Espanol always sounded so sexy and erotic. For your own record, Spanish happens to be, by far, the most beautiful, and most romantic language ever. 

The owner of the cafe is so kind enough to put a board description for the word "Destino". The owner, Mr Willie, chosen the word "Destino" in Spanish as the brand name of the Cafe because he values fate and destiny. He mentioned that this cafe meant to be the place where you can hang out with your friends, meeting over business deal, or just indulge in your own solitude, or a place to find your destined partner.   

It took 5 months for them to get preparation before the soft launch and there are some decorations are yet to be completed. When I first arrived at the cafe, it gives off the vintage vibes to me. 

 And the story begins.....Let's take a look at the interior design.

This caught my attention immediately. I mean who would have thought of hanging short wooden planks as part of the light decor on the ceiling? Mr Willie certainly has a bold taste, very creative!

And who would have thought of using unused piano string exerted in a full cast-iron frame as the partition in between seating area?? I'm super impressed :O 

 As much as many vintage elements were used as part of the decor, the lighting choices are pretty vital as to create a warm ambiance and cozy environment. The owner used variety of LED bulb to create a retro and vintage feeling.

 The night scene from second floor. Yes! Destino De Espresso has two floors. So you can enjoy your private session here with your friends with no disturbance.

I managed to found a super RETRO lamp hanging at one corner. The myriads of colors inside actually match with the wall on the other side creating a harmony balance. 

 When it is the broad day light, the place provides you a whole new different level of experience.
 Fusing the modern cosmopolitan style by using a full glass panel wall to segregate the outdoor cafe and the indoor cafe, letting ample of sunlight to stream in. Mr Willie opted for a tone of dark grayish black curtain to compliment the cosmopolitan style.  

 All the furniture are custom made, with Mr Willie personalized brand logo design.

A close up shot :D

As much as many wooden furniture are used, they incorporated some artificial grass to soften the hard-edged feel.

 The exterior lounge, perfect place to spend your day with a good cup of coffee and reading a good book!

 The iron lamp consisted of old industrial type fixtures such as unused washing machine frame. 

 The staircase heading to second floor. The choice of curtain was of sheer drapes that provide light airy feel inside the cafe. 

 View from second floor:) 

Is this a bicycle wheel? Yes, definitely a bicycle wheel! 

Taking a look inside, you can see some of the tables are using a see-through tabletop glass with old sewing machine pedal as the supporting leg. Super classic!

Mr Willie mentioned that there will be new additions of furniture coming in few weeks but overall I personally think it's really impressive, so rustic yet very cozy environment. 

The main wall was painted with different DIY pastel colored palettes wooden strips, mixing together to create a pinch of playfulness and Easter feel.

Don't forget the savory desserts that are oh so taste-bud tantalizing that melts right away in one bite! They even have cute french tarts that make so great Insta-worthy moments!

The menu has yet to be completed but you can treat yourself to plethora of gastronomic finds, mainly western cuisine, to satiate your appetite such as their Signature House Salad, or their El Pero Caliente, etc!

They also offer unique blends of coffee with the right amount of acidity and warmth! Introducing you their signature drinks in the house, ROSE LATTE. It's so pretty that I don't want to drink it right away. Can't deny that this is totally my new found taste with mixed rose and coffee that blends so perfect! I rated this drink 9/10.

A wooden spatula with number will be given to you while waiting for your order.The service is pretty fast here and the waiter will bus your table immediately after you are seated. Destino De Espresso even designed their own serving cup and plates with their brand name logo imprinted on it.

A cup of hot latte and a chilled cheese cake with topping of the day. Mine was blueberry! 

The cheesecake are homemade locally and definitely it was one of the best chilled cheesecake that I have ever tasted. It's not so sweet yet the taste of cream cheese are distinct and perfect. Blueberry topping just compliment the fresh gustatory perception.

Also, introducing you their Signature House Salad: mixed veges with Ebiko, Smoked Salmon, Fried Crabsticks, and sesame sauce. It's a great entree and if you are a small eater like me, this serving can shared between two people. Quoted from the owner, Mr Willie "Food is not just food, it's an art, it's a fashion!".

Lastly, thanks for having me! On my right is the owner Mr Willie, and on my left is Mr Chin, the other partner.  

Thanks for the warm hospitality and great service while I'm here, to all members of Destino De Espresso! xoxo

MONDAY - SATURDAY: 10.00am - 12am
SUNDAY : 10.00am - 11pm

PHONE: 082- 532 868, 016 869 8988

FACEBOOK: Destino De Espresso

ADDRESS: G62 Ground Floor, CityONE Megamall, No.1 Jalan Song 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.