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Friday, October 2, 2015

Charity: Amazing Colours Art Exhibition

This will be a bilingual post in both English and Chinese.

Two years ago, I was assigned a project with KAA (Kuching Autistic Association) by tHe Spring Management (my former employer) to create a Christmas Charity Card Program in conjunction with our Christmas Celebrations. At first I was thrilled and worried because I never work with any NGO yet to say it's an Autistic Association.

I still remembered the first time I stepped into Kuching Autistic Association Centre (it was still their old centre at Jalan Bampfylde, previously it was known as Sarawak Autistic Association). I originally thought all autistic kids are subdued and they less likely will engage in any activities or conversation with other people. I always thought they have their own little world in their mind and they are afraid of leaving that world, hence lack of socialization skills. But, everything that I assumed was wrong. Some sever autistic kids may suffer major temper tantrums if you prompt them to do things differently or engaging with different people. They aren't as quiet as we thought. Some of them are very friendly and eager to get to know you. Although they have speech impaired, they welcomed me enthusiastically by flapping their hands. They are just expressing themselves in a different way. That was a major comprehension that dawn on me that time. I started to fell in love with them. God sent me here to learn something from them, to help them, to assist them. I had a decision made at that time.
我还记得我第一次踏进古晋自闭症协会中心(当时还在旧中心位于 Jalan Bampfylde,当时也被称为砂拉越自闭症协会)。我本来以为所有的自闭症儿童很冷漠,他们不太可能会从事与其他人的任何活动或对话。我一直以为他们活在他们的世界里,他们是害怕离开自己的舒服圈,因此缺乏社交技能。但是,我所认为的一切都错了。如果你促使他们做一些他们不愿意做的,或在一个陌生的环境中,一些比较严重的自闭症的孩子可能会控制不了自己的情绪大发脾气。他们并不是我们所想象的憋在一个角落不理人。虽然他们有语言障碍,但是他们还是很热情地欢迎我。我真的很感动。他们并不安静,他们只是用不一样的表达方式来表达自己。这是我当下最大的领悟。那个刻开始, 我就爱上了他们。上帝派我来是要我跟他们学习,来帮助他们。我当时做了一个决定。

And that decision is that, no matter what I want to continue serving them, even though I'm no longer working with tHe Spring.

That touched feeling is still rippled in my heart. If I can use my words to help the autistic kids., then I hope this post will help them to raise more awareness on autism, as a good deed done to the society.

So, in collaboration with tHe Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching Autistic Association is now holding a public art exhibition entitled "Amazing Colours Art Exhibition" first time at tHe Spring Art Gallery (opposite Starbucks). Painting and beads artworks will be exhibited for sales.  The objective of the art exhibition is to create awareness on autism and to showcase the artworks of autistic children in KAA training centre. 
与此同时,欣新广场提供免费场所给自闭症协会来举办这场大众艺术展览。地点位于欣新广场内的艺术画廊, 在星巴克的正对面。绘画和珠子作品将被展出销售。该艺术展的目的是为自闭症创造更多醒觉更多意识,展示在KAA培训中心自闭症儿童的艺术作品。

And yesterday, I was grateful to be invited to their opening ceremony of this 3 days "Amazing Colours Art Exhibition" that lasted from yesterday till this Sunday (02 to 04 October 2015). 

With my beautiful sisters, thanks for taking care of me when I was at the Kuching Autistic Association new centre at Lorong Desa Wira 15, Batu Kawa . Your kindness will always be appreciated in my heart. 

 While waiting for the arrival of guest of honor. Super crowded yesterday, it was a good sign! 

 All this art pieces are done by the autistic student of Kuching Autistic Associations, with guidance of their art teacher. 这些都是自闭症孩子亲自所绘画的图案,通过老师们的指导。

 One of the autistic kids handed over the scissors to our guest of honor :) 

The opening ceremony was successfully officiated by the guest of honor, chief minister’s wife Datin Patinggi Dato Jamilah Anu. 我们的艺术展览业成功开幕。

 I was mistaken as a reporter, or even a photographer. Oh well, I guess I'm not so let the professional do their job upfront. :D

"There are total of 40 pieces of paintings produced by the association’s pre-vocational class students." 

These autistic kids are super talented especially in art and drawings. I personally ever witness majority of their drawings at their centre and it was mind-blowing awesome! This art exhibition can also act as a way to encourage them to be proud of their artwork and talent. Look at the proud parents! :) 

 They also have bead works done by the autistic students. 

Okay, I just have to post this. It's too cute! This little girl captured my heart. She's a shopping mall patron together with her mum and granny. And she was like staring at my DSLR. 

  Take one! 

 And finally she smiles! :) 她终于笑了!:) 

 These acrylic painting is the most amazing artwork I have ever seen done by the autistic kids. One word,  "Geng!" 

Thanks Cindy for helping me to take a photograph of my own. Special thanks to Andrew, Charles and Connie for the warm greetings and thanks for inviting me. When I have more stronger financial grounds, I'm gonna buy the acrylic paintings and support you guys! But for now, let me use my blog to raise awareness ;)

Don't forget to drop by tHe Spring Art Gallery to show your support! All purchases are tax exempted and the proceeds will be used directly in providing autism education, awareness, advocacy and research, however 30% of the income generated would be given to the artiste as a motivation and encouragement.

Event: Amazing Colours Art Exhibition
Time: 10am-10pm
Date: 03-04 October 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue: tHe Spring Shopping Mall, tHe Spring Art Gallery (opposite Starbucks)
Official Website: www.kaa.org.my
Facebook:Kuching Autistic Association Resource and Education Centre


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